Mystery blogger award.

Thanks a lot Mainepaperpusher for nominating TheCagedBirdSings for the award. You have been an awesome blogger, reading and appreciating my works time and again. I loved your answers to Nel and am thankful to you for not confronting me with tough questions!😁 The questions you asked are, as I mentioned, thankfully, straightforward. However, the reason why I loved them because despite being simple questions, they gave me an opportunity to literally wonder how I have been ignoring myself!

Without further ado, I jump on the questions:

Q1. What is the last thing you watched on TV? Frankly speaking, I haven’t watched T.V. since I guess, one month! Some may find it hard to digest, but I actually get bored by it. Ain’t addicted to a series yet! But I do watch videos on YouTube and blogs.

Q2. Where did you go the last time you left your place? I haven’t been anywhere since the routine morning walk, which goes without saying that it was a community park. (Yeah, I’m a bore and I know it!)

Q3. What is the last thing you bought? The ones who know me thoroughly, will tell you, even if you wake ’em up at midnight, that it was definitely an ice cream. ☺

That’s it. My questions to the nominees:

  1. Faith or religion? Or do you correlate them?
  2. Do you think that reading novels can be the best hobby. If so, then why?
  3. Views on feminism?


  1. Vatsala
  2. Khushboo
  3. Robertcday


52 thoughts on “Mystery blogger award.

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      1. Of course, they were silly! Haha, they were/are a direct response to Nel’s three-word brain unraveler! After totally losing my mind on Question #3, I had to make it easier for my chosen few. I think it’s time for me, to once again, glare at my dear friend Nel. Is there an emoji for glaring? If there is an emoji for glaring, I desperately need it in my “most-used” list. Gee, I have heaped a lot of glaring on Nel.


      2. Yup. It was evident in your post. But really, I mean they weren’t. They asked for simple things, which we tend to ignore. We usually ignore ourselves, our needs, etc. It is good to help others, but at the same time, one must take care about oneself too. I say this in a very positive way, totally different from selfishness. Hopefully, you’ll get my point after reading this.

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      3. I see, no matter how silly they were to me, they made you think about being nice to yourself, and the fact that you needed to do more of that. Am I close to understanding?


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