Let’s Connect Socially

As a part of the blogging community, I’m very grateful for the relentless support, praises, and criticism. Some people have even become great friends through the community, much to the disbelief of others! Social media is a great tool where you can connect and even promote your blog, and most of us are doing it already! But why do that alone, when it’ll be more beneficial as a group. For example, the Instagram stories regarding the blog posts are only understood, and replied by the blogger friends that I’m connected to. Rest of the people don’t really understand them. I’m sure it’ll be fun. I’m already connected with Dominique NancyKaylaAnnAditi TyagiAditi and GauriDIY EmpressO Shaggy ReRkoolVatsala SrivatsavaAnanya and Alvira on Instagram.

So, this is an open invitation to all my blogger friends, to join me on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. The direct links to all three are given just below my Blog Logo on the Home Page. I will surely give a follow back. It’ll be great if you connect to the other people who comment on this post as well, in order to strengthen the community ties.

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  1. Oh Himanshi I wish I could ! I don’t have an instagram account (and don’t plan to ) and i do have Facebook but i can’t use it 😖
    I suppose that’s why i don’t see much of you ….

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    1. No problem. I know your reason. And we’re friends already!
      The reason of me not posting much often is not at all that I’m socially very active on social media but that I’ve been facing a block. But yeah, recently I did write and will post it soon.

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      1. Thanks, I’ve followed you back. Follow me here on WordPress also, and I will be more than happy to return the favor and follow you back. Let’s be friends on WordPress too 🙂

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  2. Thanks for the invite to us all!!! I’m a dinosaur who lives under a rock and only ventures around blogland now and again, but if I were connected, I certainly would! You’re a delight! Rock on and happy world-expansion!!! 😃

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  3. Ooo good idea. Instagram is one of my most active social medias and yet I’ve never thought of finding other bloggers on it. I’ll be glad to follow you any other bloggers on @damngela 🙂

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