The Truth About Failure

You try to hide yourself as much as possible. You avoid facing people, you’re a socially awkward being. You put your earphones on and pretend not to listen to anything. You stroll on and on, wandering aimlessly… A futile exercise. Oh! That’s what you think your life’s been all these days. A waste, a failure. Not that you didn’t try enough. You unturned as many stones as you could, but ultimately you didn’t make it beyond the one yard line. And that’s the bottom line. You didn’t imagine it in the worst of your nightmares. You couldn’t see that coming, at all. The future events unfolded and so did your inner storm, leaving you devastated. All strings inside you broke. You just weren’t prepared for it. You just couldn’t handle it.

And now, Now you sulk all day because that’s what failures are supposed to do. Locking yourself, lying idly all day long, refusing to eat or live. You’re a soulless, spark-less, lifeless bony case without a purpose in life. You don’t even have the courage to face yourself, let alone the world.

You consider your options. A knife, Nah! That seems too frightful. Poison: No, it’ll be too painful. Fire: You’ll shout and everyone will know. Train: That’s too petrifying! Drowning: Yeah, maybe. Standing on the edge of the over bridge, you’re convinced that it won’t make a difference to anyone in the world. But, no! Your will fails you once more. You find that you don’t have the nerve to do that.

Let’s begin from the beginning. You were always fed with stories of success. Success was good, failure was bad. Success was difficult, failure came in handy. Success was looked up to, failure was not. Success was acceptable, failure was not. You were fed all these stories all your life. You were never taught how to handle failures. You were never taught that failure or success, it’s just a learning process. All you have to do is never lose the resolve to turn more stones and leave no stone unturned the next time. You were never taught that more than one road could lead to Rome. You were never taught that failure isn’t so bad after all. You were never taught that they are not opposites but parallels. You were never taught that failure isn’t final.

So there you lie, sulking over your great fall, not realizing that the world has known of men who fell seven times and rose up eight times.

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  1. Sister you done a great job talking about failure and success is very key role in our life…. Very well said…
    Keep it up


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