A Tribute to my Special Friend

Change is the law of nature,
Nothing is constant,
Your time, your mental space,
Even you, yourself change.
I already had accepted all these changes,
And life was going easy.
But then you enter my life,
Fucking the whole law of nature,
In one damn blow.

You were such a bitch,
We had little fight,
You threw the paint color on my tunic.
I soo wanted you dead,
For what you did.

But I didn’t know this bitch had a heart.
Your apologized so sweetly the very next day,
Removed the very fukin barrier of being apart.
The more I time we spent,
The more inseparable we were.
Remember during school days,
Our lunchboxes were empty,
As our hunger to stalk boys,
Was at its peak.

11th physics exam!
Remember when our plan A:
The attempt to copy all numerical,
From the book failed.

How we suddenly became,
Ethan Hunt and Benji Dunn,
And did the Mission Impossible: Paper hunt.
Stole the fukin whole bundle,
Right down the nose of teachers.
Luckily, we weren’t caught,
Damn we the Pioneer’s!

When you went on dates,
You took me like bait,
You act like a dumb kid,
Had to guide you like every way.
But my presence gave you confidence,
I’m your fairy godmother.

Its been a while since we met,

Get yourself a jet,
Scene is set,
Let’s take off from this mess.
Have no regrets.

Post scriptum: This poem was composed by my blogger-friend Siddharth Jha, as per my request. Please do visit and follow his blog for beautiful poetry on friendship, love and other themes.

Wishing all my readers and blogger friends a very happy and joyous friendship day!

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