Where Procrastination leads you to?

Procrastination~ the inbuilt art of delaying that lands you in your comfort zone at first and soon into unforeseen troubles. The funniest thing about procrastinating is that you know everything, but still you delay it. You know the prospects, the consequences, the fact that it will lead to no good, you’ve had first hand experiences of it, numerous times. But  you still to tend to delay it further and further till…


While you know everything sub-consciously, you don’t remind your conscious mind in a stern tone, of the results or the prospects. Remind your mind about it. Repeatedly. So much so that it is on the verge of shaking with fear and it will automatically gear up the things. Yes, fear is what guides us humans. This explains, explicitly, why we tend to take the call only at the eleventh hour. You knew about that feeling, it has been unnerving you, but you will procrastinate that feeling too, so that you can rest comfortably for the time being. When finally the deadline nears, you’ll rush here and there, making a complete fool out of yourself, put unnecessary pressure on your minds and there you are, ending up as a total disaster!  Haste makes waste! That is to stay, studying a page throughout the year, and suddenly, a night before the exam, you dream of finishing the entire book. This can make you gain average marks, but in the long run, this is most detrimental thing to do. It adversely affects your mental faculties and has a profound impact on your personality as well.

Remember, you imbibe and inculcate procrastination as you let the habit grow. Whenever you get a deadline, the first thing you do is count the days between the present and the deadline and then… (laughs 🙂 ) Well, continue that habit of counting the days but instead, utilize it to your own benefit. Now that you know the number of days and the amount of work, you can simply deduce the number of hours you need to give it per day so that you manage it before the deadline. Yes, before the deadline because you are, after all just a human being and you must have one or two spare days so that in case of any unforeseen event that prevents you from completing the work that day, you might still have extra day in your pocket and land on the safe side. Do away with the habit step by step. It is a greater enemy of yourself than you give it credit for. Believe me, once you’ve set yourself into that discipline of doing things on time, you’ll forget delaying, and might even dislike it.


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