The World is Against Me!

“The world is against me”, he said with a sigh.

“Somebody stops every scheme I try

The world has me down and is keeping me there. 

I don’t get a chance. Oh! The world is unfair!

When a fellow is poor, then he can’t get a show;

The world is determined to keep him down low.”
“What of Abe Lincoln?” I asked.

“Would you say, that he was much richer than you are today?

He hadn’t the chance of making his mark, 

And his outlook was exceedingly dark;

Yet he clung to his purpose with courage most grim… And got to the top…

Was the world against him?”
“What of Ben Franklin?” I’ve often heard it said,

That many a times he went hungry to bed. 

He started with nothing but courage to climb…

But patiently struggled and waited his time.

He dangled awhile from real poverty’s limb,

Yet he got to the top… Was the world against him?
“I could name a dozen, yes, hundreds, I guess,

Of poor boys, who’ve patiently climbed to success;

All boys who were down and who struggled alone,

Who’ve fought themselves rich, if fortune they’d known;

Yet they rose in the world you are so quick to condemn,

And, I’m asking you now, was the world against them?”

-Edgar A. Guest.


*Goodbye my lover*

This is not a ‘good’ bye. This is in fact, my worst bye till date, because I still can’t live without you, but cannot live with you either.

We are a completely wrong fit for each other. I’m the princess of doom and you are a blissfully content pauper. You’re only born to soar bright skies, but I… I can only bring you down. You try to make me feel alive with your patient optimism about life, but I only kill it with my perennial pessimism. You make me smile when I can’t, but I have only been making you cry. Not that you ever tell me when I hurt you, but I know it for certain, that I did.

Why is it that I find it difficult to breathe without you breathing life into me, but I can’t live without inflicting pain on you? I’ve always been a sadist, but what made you turn into a masochist? How beautifully ugly is this love of yours that you’re willing to die to make me feel alive? Why are you willing to put up with the monster I’ve turned you into? Don’t you know that there’s no sane reason to justify that? 

I know you want to save me, but you can’t. This sadness is home to me, so leave meto my plight and let me be me.

Don’t beat yourself. You couldn’t have possibly loved me better. There isn’t anything you could have done yo save me or this dying relationship. This is about me; it always has been… But it is going to end now. It might kill me to live without you, yet I can live with that, because I’m already dead inside. But, you? You are a living miracle of brilliance and you must escape! I can’t escape myself, but you can escape me. You can escape this misery. 

You can be free. You deserve better. Or rather, the best. And it’s not me. So, free me from this guilt of putting you through the enticing hell of mine. Get away from this addictive misery before it claims your soul too.

The only thing that matters at this point of time is your happiness, to which I’m an obstacle. I know you would take some time in adapting with my absence. But, I would rather you cry missing me, than have you cry because of me.

Don’t worry about me, love. I have always found a way to live with myself. But I can’t live with myself knowing that I am the one who’s killing you slowly. And someday, as you say, everything will be alright. Or atleast, better than the destructive insanity we’re indulging in.

So, fly away, before it is too late… Give up on trying to change me, and change the world instead. And one day, when I wake up into a new world, that is as bright and beautiful than you, I’ll smile knowing that it is because of you.โ˜บ

P. S.- This isn’t autobiographical and isn’t self-composed either. It has been posted on request.

Mystery blogger award.

Thanks a lot Mainepaperpusher for nominating TheCagedBirdSings for the award. You have been an awesome blogger, reading and appreciating my works time and again. I loved your answers to Nel and am thankful to you for not confronting me with tough questions!๐Ÿ˜ The questions you asked are, as I mentioned, thankfully, straightforward. However, the reason why I loved them because despite being simple questions, they gave me an opportunity to literally wonder how I have been ignoring myself!

Without further ado, I jump on the questions:

Q1. What is the last thing you watched on TV? Frankly speaking, I haven’t watched T.V. since I guess, one month! Some may find it hard to digest, but I actually get bored by it. Ain’t addicted to a series yet! But I do watch videos on YouTube and blogs.

Q2. Where did you go the last time you left your place? I haven’t been anywhere since the routine morning walk, which goes without saying that it was a community park. (Yeah, I’m a bore and I know it!)

Q3. What is the last thing you bought? The ones who know me thoroughly, will tell you, even if you wake ’em up at midnight, that it was definitely an ice cream. โ˜บ

That’s it. My questions to the nominees:

  1. Faith or religion? Or do you correlate them?
  2. Do you think that reading novels can be the best hobby. If so, then why?
  3. Views on feminism?


  1. Vatsala
  2. Khushboo
  3. Robertcday

Not just black. Not just white. A lot of grey!

How many of you go by the saying  that first impression is the last one? How many of you form your own opinion about people, painting them in the shades of just white or black? Either good or bad…? How many times has it happened that when the truth unfolds itself, and you realize that you had been too rash and judgemental upon that person? Sometimes it gets too late and you sink in the abyss of regret which leads you nowhere.

Grey~ That’s what best describes anyone, because people are a mixture of blacks and whites juxtaposed.
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Our encounter with River Ghagra ๐Ÿค˜

Well, some trips call on for extreme adventures. This was the one, a few days back and my first one via a train’s A.C. chair car. I never used to go for a chair car coach because, they seemed uncomfortable to me for long distances. Sure they are. But when it is for a two hour journey, with your favorite cousin, you enjoy a lot. 

I was traveling to Lucknow from Gonda and we knew that we would meet Ghagra, a tributary of the Ganges. We set our camera on recording and kept the phone on the window (we were lucky, it didn’t stir๐Ÿ˜), and enjoyed the view all by ourselves. There is something enigmatic about the rivers which draws all my attention towards it. When I am in Lucknow, and happen to pass by the Gomti, I really leave everything aside and stare at it like a moron! Somehow, that placates me… Similarly, while in Delhi, I stare like that for a while at Yamuna.  

The following video records Ghagra in all its grandeur. Hope you guys enjoy that!

I have always wondered what this train carries inside, besides coal!