Not just black. Not just white. A lot of grey!

How many of you go by the saying  that first impression is the last one? How many of you form your own opinion about people, painting them in the shades of just white or black? Either good or bad…? How many times has it happened that when the truth unfolds itself, and you realize that you had been too rash and judgemental upon that person? Sometimes it gets too late and you sink in the abyss of regret which leads you nowhere.

Grey~ That’s what best describes anyone, because people are a mixture of blacks and whites juxtaposed.
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32 thoughts on “Not just black. Not just white. A lot of grey!

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    1. I agree with half of your statement. According to me, we shouldn’t judge anyone at all. But then it is human nature to do so. Even I do it, whether intentionally or unintentionally.
      Thanks for reading and sharing your feedback.

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      1. Yeah you are right to some extent ..but humans are made for judging others..nobody does it better. But in my honest opinion instead of judging others we should groom our own personality. Our personality matters the most .

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    1. Sure they do. By black and white I meant that you are wrong if you categorize someone being just bad or just good. That’s either white or black. The two colours I chose explained it well.


  1. I don’t judge people. Because I believe that in life it gives as two option , good and bad. I trust people but if he/she betray my trust. I think I have a good reason not to trust that person anymore. This decision depends on my experience not on my judgement.

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  2. Loved the context here. ❤
    Black and white are the colors only in the color palette, in clothing showrooms, in stationary shops; there're no white(s) and black(s) in humans' life; all we encounter are grey(s).

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