Sharing happiness: International day for Happiness 2018

It is the International day for Happiness today. I wish all my readers all the happiness and positivity in life.😊

The theme for the year 2018 is “Share Happiness”.

Complying with the idea, I’m very happy to announce a special discount of flat 50% on the Happy Guide, a first rate authority on the methods of attaining happiness in today’s world. It is written by Michael Kinnaird, when he got back his life after 13 years of “life destroying fatigue”. The book dotes upon ‘how to change’ and ‘what to change’ in the lifestyle.

All you need to do is to check out their Home Page. There you will find:

  1. Option to buy the book: Scroll down until you find the various options. Just enter the coupon code: ‘cagedbird’, to avail flat 50% discount on the ebook.
  2. A prelude to the book.
  3. A free chapter “The Happiness Secret”: You can read the chapter and find out what the book has got to offer!
  4. Lovely feedbacks from other people.

Hurry up!

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