Shattered Trust

So, you are the latest addition to the 'my-trust-was-broken-and-it-is-a-pathetic-feeling' squad. Needless to say, you would have been on a roller coaster ride of pain and disbelief, unable to digest that it actually happened. It would certainly be the first time you'll realize that there's much more chaos inside you than outside. The silence outside is... Continue Reading →


Work on yourself!

Nobody is perfect. Each one of you has a flaw. It could be anything... Either you may be a procrastinator, or you may be too proud, or that you are unable to plan things properly in order, or any such thing which is coming as a hurdle in your path towards success. Having such flaws... Continue Reading →

How do you react to an advice?

Here's to you. You have set a goal for yourself. You know for sure that it is the only right thing to do. You're ready to invest your entire energy on it.  But then someone comes and advices you that the direction in which you're treading isn't the right one. Some of you will think... Continue Reading →

The Caged Bird Sings Blog Anniversary

Hala wonderful reader-followers. I'm overwhelmed to share that The Caged Bird Sings successfully completed 1 entire year! The blog is very close to achieving 2500 follower mark (hope to achieve that soon)!  Thanks to all the lovely readers who've actively read, appreciated and criticized (when it was necessary) all my posts. Above all for the great support... Continue Reading →

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