I am a 3 year old baby, all cute and chubby as they say… Some fat-looking-women, which mamma tells me are my aunties, are really irritating. They pull the hell out of my cheek when we meet. Recently I learnt a few poems- “Donny-Donny yeth papa” and “twintle-twintle little star”. But probably that was my mistake. You know I am forced to repeat those poems time and again in front of every fat-looking-woman (aunt). Though they give me chocolates but cheeks are a heavy price to pay for it, I guess. One day, one of those aunties came to our house and very smartly grabbed a handful of dry fruits while mamma was preparing a drink in the kitchen. When she saw me, she started smiling unnecessarily. At first, she said that she won’t eat any biscuits, but I swear she ate all…without even offering me!  I even reminded her, that she was not to eat any of them, as declared by her. But mamma scolded me at once. I don’t know why the adults have to pretend so much.

But that fat woman was still tolerable. I tell you of another fat woman who always tries to scare me through ghostly stories. She tells me that if I go into a dark room, a big bear is going to eat me up. And she thinks she’s very smart… Little does she know that I know that in reality there’s no such bear. (I went into the room to check). Nowadays, she’s come up with the police theory. That a police will arrest me and take me to the jail.

My grandmother… I think she’s untouchable because she tells me not to touch her while she is worshiping to god. And she also tells me not to touch the idol of god. When I asked her why I wasn’t allowed, she told me that it was late night and god was sleeping. But I swear his eyes were open. They say that god is powerful… Super powerful. I guess when I will gain power then I will also be able to sleep with my eyes open. It would be wonderful then, as I will be able to tell correctly whether mamma puts blanket on me or papa, when I fall asleep. Both of them take credits and I’m literally confused! But if I turn into a super power like god, then I won’t be able to speak. (God never speaks!) I think it would be better when I don’t speak because when I want to know about something, these extra smart elderly people never answer me straight. They either come up with ghostly stories or they tell me the consequence of what will happen if I do something.

Are my questions that stupid? Once I asked why I wasn’t invited to my parents wedding. I am not there in any of the pictures. If mamma and daddy were busy getting ready, at least my grandparents could’ve called me.  They smartly tell me I was sleeping. But I know for sure that I wasn’t invited. If I were asleep, then I should’ve got up while the music was on. Then one day I asked where I came from. They said that god dropped me from the sky. I tell you when I become god; I will never drop children like that from sky, lest they should get hurt. Probably I also got hurt when god had dropped me from the sky that is why they have my zero-day photo in a hospital. But, I am still far from believing the story, because god, I believe is good, and he won’t do so. That too with a cute kid like me? I don’t know why the elderly drive me away from god.

And I also don’t know what goes wrong with mamma in the winters. She makes me wear a ‘monkey-cap’, although there’s no monkey in it, and I don’t get a tail either, when I wear it. But, she herself never wears a monkey cap to avoid cold. Neither does god. Oh god, please make me like you or please make me an adult so I don’t have to wear a monkey cap! I promise you three toffees, whichever is your favorite.




Now a days coaching institutes earn crores of rupees but still can’t provide quality education. The private schools (at least the one where I studied) charge as high as 15000 bucks as monthly fees. Still, the matter of the fact is that most of the students rush to coaching institutes for studying.

 Some of them even go to the same teacher’s coaching institute who is the subject teacher in the school. Seriously, are you kidding it man? The teacher who couldn’t teach you in class, will give you better notes in coaching! The bend of the road is just this. Of course the teacher won’t teach properly in classroom, because if he will, then who’s gonna come to his coaching for studies? There are students who even claim that the particular teacher didn’t give them enough marks because they do not attend the coaching classes.

Then there are still other coaching institutes (which prepare you for competitive exams) who run the advertisement of false alumni by offering the student who topped a handsome amount. 

And then, there are still some students who give free tutorials to poor students who can’t even afford going to a school…

This photo was clicked at Gomti River front in Lucknow, India, where I spotted a boy teaching 4 kids who can’t afford going to school. I so wanted to have a conversation with the boy so as to ask what inspired him to do so, but then didn’t want to interrupt him while teaching. I have often seen similar sights in Lucknow’s Jaineshwar Mishra Park (one of Asia’s largest park), with the difference that they were a group of friends, teaching multiple poor kids. If these kids won’t get a degree, atleast they’ll learn how to read and write!

Relaxing… Huh?

I won’t begin this post by describing the metropolitan lifestyle. We all know about it. I would instead dote upon the various things we do to relax nowadays. They are based on my own observation.

  1. Listening to music: After one hell of a day at office, most people think that turning the earplugs on full volume can help them relax! Darling, you are not relaxing your mind, you are simply making it more restless. Certainly, music helps placating the mind, but it depends on how you are using it to calm yourself. A clean room with a relaxing aroma(according to your choice) and a slow melodious number on a stereo with just enough volume should be your choice
  2. Checking out whatsapp messages: If you are a student who has exams coming up, this is what you most commonly go for after studying for a few hours. This may not be the most wise decision on earth because at that time, there are other students who throw out a panic attack, who are behind your life for notes and expected questions, blah blah… Okay, accept this with hesitation, but how often is it that you tend to chat for 15 minutes, and suddenly, it is an hour!😂😂 A more fruitful break would be going out for a walk (bet that it bores you in 15 minutes), eating something healthy, watching some funny, stupid videos (until they don’t distract), etc.
  3. Going Dominos/Mc D on weekends: Seriously, I am not shitting you guys but have you ever done that for relaxing? Or atleast in the name of it? Okay, you put on your best clothes, show off what you are not, spend 1200 bucks on a stupid pizza which doesn’t even solve your appetite issues, click selfies, show off on social media, and call it relaxing on weekends? Hilarious! I suggest you join a swimming club or any activity that attracts you. And what if you really love a pizza? No issues, just go on for a home delivery and eat it from any angle without showing off. 
  4. Throwing yourself on your beanbag and playing some stupid game- You start this thinking you will end the game in 15 minutes, and actually end up wasting hours on it! Better option would be playing some indoor/outdoor game, whichever you like.
  5. Consuming alcohol/Smoking/Chewing tobacco and related products-  Ever tried calling a man “blind”, “deaf” or “dumb” on a road? No. Why? He’ll bang your head? So tell me how to categorize people who completely ignore the warning on tobacco packets? Those who know the pros and cons of alcohol, and still consume it to overcome some pressure? Dear, you are not consuming it… It is consuming you instead!  It does soothe you for a while, but does it solve your problem? It is like you board on a flight for New York City from India and you’re thrown midway from the flight at UAE.Teens going crazy for a kick, or cannot refuse to it because it would sound un-cool… Don’t be that dumb. That stupid friend of yours doesn’t have to certify you as cool. The swag is when you can refuse straight away when others are obeying blindly and mindlessly. You have a lot of money? Go shopping and waste all of it and beg at the end of the month or waste it all on icecream or pizza,etc and become fat. But please do not get this false impression that alcohol or tobacco or those deadly rings of death from the cigarette would in any way relax you.Images from- Bing

    Post scriptum: I am sorry if this came in as too edgy or sarcastic but I just couldn’t control my tongue on this matter. People have become worse than machines. The machines sleep while they don’t work, but we as humans go back to some other machines to further cut short our rest time and then feel agitated about that. We complain and criticize, but never contemplate! Never sit for a while with loved ones or elders, but prefer putting on headphones. Never prefer playing outdoor game but yes Pokemon Go which takes away lives seems as such a wise choice… Sorry again because I got sarcastic even here. I didn’t mean to scare the shit out of you bit simply remind you to retaliate.

    Thanks for reading.

    -Himanshi Shukla 



    Capturing bees is so much fun. Practically, I am afraid of them, especially when they transfer themselves from one place to another while sitting. Nevertheless, these were quite cooperative with me and it was all over in a few clicks. A vote of thanks to them for all the cooperation and yeah, for not stinging me!

    Photography by~

    Himanshi Shukla


    Strong desire for something.

    Desire originates in your mind. It is the want for someone who you aspire to become. When you really want to get something, when you have a very strong desire to get it, then and there the desire takes over you. If you say that you are working for it then you are completely wrong. It is the desire for it which is making you work. This desire will make you act, it will keep you going… When you decide to quit, this desire will bind you back and will remind you of your commitment. Ultimately, it is this desire which will decide your results! And, you can always trick your mind to choose what it wants. So why not choose the greatest? 

       Great desire, great will power, great energy, great confidence, great action, great results.