Were your efforts wasted?

One fine day you feel that nothing, absolutely nothing at all seems to fall in place. You have this irresistible urge of quiting, because things just don’t seem to work out for you. All the motivation, all your efforts seem wasted…

Waste! What degree of ridiculousness!

What are you supposed to do?

When quitting seems the only option, just open your mind’s flashback window. Think of why at all you started to head in the direction which has brought you to the present. You probably had a dream. You were not satisfied with what you were. So? What for now? Are you still satisfied? 

Forget the word “satisfied” when it comes to your efforts. To succeed, you must  never be satisfied!

Gather yourself piece by piece. Gather all your courage. Take control! Run, walk, sing, freak out… Just do something that brings you back.

It was not wasted. Not wasted at all… 

The stone is broken by the last stroke of hammer, but that doesn’t mean that the earlier strokes were useless.

It is written… You are just being tested for your patience, your perseverance, your attitude, your spirits and your courage! 


36 thoughts on “Were your efforts wasted?

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  1. Gather the pieces again and work again because your previous efforts have not be wasted.. very true.. but sometimes why the outcome is so delayed. Is the test from god is still on!!! No one knows what god have chosen for you!!!
    Very motivating article with new ray of hope. That’s what everyone wants in life.

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