Beliefs Control Results

Whether you think that you can, or that you can't, either way you're right!                                      ~ Henry Ford A belief is a feeling of absolute certainty. If you want to achieve anything anything in life, you need to... Continue Reading →

Advertisements I stumbled upon this inspiring video on YouTube. It is based on brief struggle story of Peter Dinklage. People ask me why I post such videos... The same struggle with poverty and situation and then success. Okay, time to answer them. I share these videos and even watch them because they keep me going.... Continue Reading →

If you have ever been to an interview, then you know what I mean by 'pretending'. The board pretending that you are of no use, you pretending as if you were the most useful person ever born on the earth, and even your resume/C.V. pretending as though everything written on it were true! I mean... Continue Reading →

It is not always easy to maintain one's poise. There comes a time when one becomes easily frustrated and completely loses the top floor of the body. The anger may come out in the form of mindless babbles or sometimes physically. Whatever be it's intensity, whatever be it's form, anger never does any good to... Continue Reading →

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