Work on yourself!

Himanshi Shukla quote
Himanshi Shukla quote

Nobody is perfect. Each one of you has a flaw. It could be anything… Either you may be a procrastinator, or you may be too proud, or that you are unable to plan things properly in order, or any such thing which is coming as a hurdle in your path towards success. Having such flaws is quite normal and even acceptable. But what isn’t acceptable is the fact that you refuse to work upon yourself.

You’re extremely lucky if you are able to identify them. If not, then you just need to hold on. Or sometimes it may be pointed out by someone else. That’s where you need to raise your antennas, because you have to carefully and very minutely assess whether the person is a genuine well-wisher or a fake one. I personally prefer listening to my criticism (I shy away when I’m being praised or just stand as dumb and clueless πŸ˜‘); because it helps me become a better person. 

You have to be at a  constant learning process… You have to work on your weaknesses until they become your strengths… You have to work on your flaws until they become your fire! And next you’ll be unstoppable!


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  2. Absolutely, but what I think that criticism and appreciation both are two sides of the same coin provided they must be genuine and legitimate. As you truly said, they can become an instrument of improvement.

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