The Enigma Behind a Smile

This is my major throw back to that day when I had high fever and was taken to the doctor’s clinic. In addition yo the fever, I had headache and the whole of my body was experiencing excruciating pain. My face became red hot in anger when I saw the mob of people on the clinic. Why does everybody have to fall sick on the same day as me? As it is, I hated doctors and the bitter medicines which they gave, along with a big lecture just ‘su***d’!

As I sat waiting for my turn, an ear-piercing voice just entered me and it was just intolerable! After a few seconds, I could make sense of what was happening. It was a small baby who was brought to the clinic for some vaccine. The thought of a baby crying over a vaccine was absurd to me because even as child (as I am told by my mom), I never cried over useless things such as an injection.

Once I decided that I couldn’t take it anymore, I went up to that child with the intention of banging his head. I turned around his mother, where the child lay his head. But what I saw next, was probably the most beautiful face I’ve ever seen in my life! The baby’s cuteness was just unfathomable! My face changed from red hot in anger to beetroot red in blush. Eventually, I took his hand in mine, and what a delight his small fingers were! I took his index finger. It was so soft and supple that it really made me wonder why at all do people apply expensive lotions to attain this softness, when all they have to do is never grow up (laughs).

But this was no magic. The magic was that the child looked confused. He had stopped wailing, much to my relief! Next, he twisted his lips into a perfect pout and started looking even more cute  and adorable to me. Will he stop looking so cute? I tried imitating his move and to this the baby smiled with tears filled in his eyes. I smiled. He laughed. 

His mother turned around to make sense of what was happening behind her. She thanked me for the million-dollar task I had done for her, and left. The baby continued with that pout of his and I laughed and laughed and laughed a little more, until I realised that my head actually felt lighter.

A fearless smile doesn’t change the situation, but it definitely gives you a certain grace of acceptance… A grace that takes all the hurdles in it’s stride! 🙂


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  1. It’s a wonderful story, I think that the positive power or energy that the little baby had was what changed your emotion.
    When I was a child I planned that “I” will be the one that will help those children (and parents) in Africa dying of hunger, when suddenly one day I saw in tv that there were good people doing that every day. I was soooo jealous at the thought that I was just a child and I needed to grow up before I went there and those people were doing what “I” wanted to do. Well I learned long after that if it weren’t for them, they would have died of hunger long before I could have reached them.

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  2. I came over to thank you for coming to my site. I like your theme, and that was a wonderful story. Babies can do that to you. I’m a big, strong man, and my heart melts when I see a baby. Maybe, you should ask your followers to send you pictures of babies. You could have baby of the week or month. I would certainly send you one, of my very first granddaughter. Thanks again, I’m glad you enjoyed some of my stories.

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