Why What and How to study

With boards, annuals, mid-sems or end-sems around the corner, each and every student is freakin' out loud, "Exams!!!" All you need to do is relax in the first place and then apply "thinking-out-of-the-box" mechanism. Check out more in the following video that I stumbled upon on YouTube. https://youtu.be/4-zRZmKm9IA


The Entertainer Blogger Award

I'd like to thank InspiresN who nominated me for this award. Looking for beautiful quotes, delicious and tested recipies, extraordinary snaps? Well, then this blog is the right place to visit. Personal apologies for posting it so late, because somehow the comment was spammed! Rules: Thank the person who nominated you add link to their... Continue Reading →

Garden Photography

Spending time in a garden, listening to some calm music, or just the chirping of birds, observing butterflies as they pause to suck nectar, or seeing the frivolous squirrel as it runs here and there, soothes my mind to the core. It becomes an energy booster for the entire week. Sharing some snaps from today-... Continue Reading →

Chikankaari- The Art of Lucknow

Welcome to my city Lucknow, where Chicken is not only eaten with great delight, but also worn (Chikan) with equal charms. Lucknawi Chikan is the major craft work of Lucknow. The art or technique is known as Chikankari. The word ‘Chikan’ literally means “embroidery” and is derived from the Persian word ‘chikaan’ meaning drapery. The... Continue Reading →

PCOS can be fought and won.

A prelude to my post: This post is about my PCOS story. However, it is a myth that males shouldn't be reading this. The post isn't gender specific like PCOS and more and more awareness should be spread about PCOS. Do share your experiences, if any in the comments. My PCOS was diagnosed when I... Continue Reading →

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