PCOS can be fought and won.

A prelude to my post: This post is about my PCOS story. However, it is a myth that males shouldn't be reading this. The post isn't gender specific like PCOS and more and more awareness should be spread about PCOS. Do share your experiences, if any in the comments. My PCOS was diagnosed when I... Continue Reading →

As a PCOS sufferer myself, it was hard to digest the fact that fruits could actually help you reduce your weight! Difficult as it is, with PCOS. Perhaps, you too think that fruits have a reasonable carbohydrate content that would spike your insulin levels like nothing else. Not true, though! If you consume low GL […]

When I was 17 years old, my weight was a little more for my years. 67 kg!  Why so? Because I was diagnosed with PCOS- a hormonal disease that affects women of childbearing age. The disease has many symptoms but in my case, there was weight gain and obviously irregularities in periods. Sometimes I had... Continue Reading →

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