Lost without you (3)

My eyes are still wet from the last time I shed, My hands are still warm from the touch of your skin, And you're already off committing your next sin. Some nights sleep eludes me, And my eyes close to a rising sun, All this while a thought torments me, What if my heart gave... Continue Reading →

Lost without you (1)

There's an old clock in my room, whose hands are static in protest . It has been months, I know, But it hasn't ticked since you left Is there a need for me to say, That I stopped ticking too? I don't live now, I exist, I stopped keeping time after you. These wounds will... Continue Reading →

If you could…

If you could understand the truth behind, "I was just kidding." If you could understand the feeling behind, "I don't care." If you could understand the pain behind, "It's okay." If you could understand the need behind, "Leave me alone." If you could understand the story behind, "I really don't know." If you could...  ... Continue Reading →

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