5 Reasons Why You Must Think Twice Before Commiting Suicide

Sometimes, you may feel very low. Nomatter how strong you may be at heart, there are times when you simply can't think straight. Simply can't gather yourself back. You feel irritated and want to run away anywhere, anyhow. You simply don't know the solution, so you try to find an escape route. So, that's when... Continue Reading →


​“…and  now  I’m  just  not  surprised  when  people leave.  I’m actually surprised when they stay.”  Life  is  a  voyage  where  we  meet  new  faces  daily.  Some  of  them  stay  with  us,  some stay  behind  and  some,  just  move  on.  Actually  the  ones  who  move  on  are  exactly the  people  who  were  special  to  us,  I... Continue Reading →

Feelings Reloaded

I found you smiling in this cacophonous world... A concept that somehow seemed bizarre to me.  There you were rejoicing in the rain. And here I was engulfed in my starched collar. My brain said that it was insane! But you propelled my heart in believing that it was okay to loosen that starched collar... Continue Reading →

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