Healing heart

There comes a time when you let go of the plethora of pain and suffering. There comes a time when you choose to extract yourself out from the abyss of distress and relocate yourself where you actually belong. You decide to let go of all the darkness and welcome life's all bounties. It doesn't kill... Continue Reading →

How do you react to an advice?

Here's to you. You have set a goal for yourself. You know for sure that it is the only right thing to do. You're ready to invest your entire energy on it.  But then someone comes and advices you that the direction in which you're treading isn't the right one. Some of you will think... Continue Reading →

To Remember Me

A day will come that will relieve my external body of all pains, sufferings and it’s causes. A day will come when my body will lie upon a little white sheet neatly tucked under 4 corners of a mattress located in a hospital, busily occupied with the living and the dying. Maybe I die very... Continue Reading →


This post is regarding self-modelling. How to become a better version of yourself?  So you've decided what you have to become. You're even working on it. But, somehow the things don't appear to be falling in place. Maybe, you are procrastinating things and living under the illusion that it'll get better with practice. Simply put,... Continue Reading →

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