Lost without you (3)

My eyes are still wet from the last time I shed, My hands are still warm from the touch of your skin, And you're already off committing your next sin. Some nights sleep eludes me, And my eyes close to a rising sun, All this while a thought torments me, What if my heart gave... Continue Reading →

Lost without you (2)

My heart is beat but it's still beating, I am hollow inside, My soul is still weeping It's just the tears that have dried A wound that even time cannot heal, An unrequited love, that I will always feel. She cries herself to sleep now, And he finds solace in rum, These memories still haunt... Continue Reading →

If you could…

If you could understand the truth behind, "I was just kidding." If you could understand the feeling behind, "I don't care." If you could understand the pain behind, "It's okay." If you could understand the need behind, "Leave me alone." If you could understand the story behind, "I really don't know." If you could...  ... Continue Reading →

To Remember Me

A day will come that will relieve my external body of all pains, sufferings and it’s causes. A day will come when my body will lie upon a little white sheet neatly tucked under 4 corners of a mattress located in a hospital, busily occupied with the living and the dying. Maybe I die very... Continue Reading →

How often do you tell your mom that you love her? Or how often does she tell you that she loves you? In my case I always end up, messing up with her. Or even if I feel like expressing my love to her, I do it by some activity because it is impossible for... Continue Reading →

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