Sharing happiness: International day for Happiness 2018

It is the International day for Happiness today. I wish all my readers all the happiness and positivity in life.😊 The theme for the year 2018 is "Share Happiness". Complying with the idea, I'm very happy to announce a special discount of flat 50% on the Happy Guide, a first rate authority on the methods... Continue Reading →


The Caged Bird Sings Blog Anniversary

Hala wonderful reader-followers. I'm overwhelmed to share that The Caged Bird Sings successfully completed 1 entire year! The blog is very close to achieving 2500 follower mark (hope to achieve that soon)!  Thanks to all the lovely readers who've actively read, appreciated and criticized (when it was necessary) all my posts. Above all for the great support... Continue Reading →

Hala wonderful readers! It gives me immense joy to announce that The Caged Bird Sings just crossed it's 2000 followers' mark. My blog completes it's 8 months on the 21st of August. In less than 8 months, I've seen hundreds of reblogs, thousands of views, visitors and comments and tonns of love from my readers. I'd like... Continue Reading →

Q."Hey are you okay?"  A. "Umn.. Yeah I am fine!" What a perfect lie! How often do you use this as an excuse?  Moreover, what does happiness mean to you? More money? Success? A bungalow? Expensive car? Company of your friends or loved ones? Good food? A nice dress? A kind deed? Your boyfriend/girlfriend telling... Continue Reading →

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