To Remember Me

A day will come that will relieve my external body of all pains, sufferings and it’s causes. A day will come when my body will lie upon a little white sheet neatly tucked under 4 corners of a mattress located in a hospital, busily occupied with the living and the dying. Maybe I die very... Continue Reading →

Each day one hears the news of a teenager hanging or shooting him/her self to death. The major question here is that is it “the lack of endurance” that actuates the desire of self-destruction? Before proceeding, I would like the readers to not judge any one person’s perspective but to ‘think squarely’ about this matter.... Continue Reading →

  "A seventeen year old, hangs himself to death...", read the newspaper headline. Though it was early morning, all my sleep had vanished after reading the headline. I rubbed my eyes twice to further believe the authenticity of the photograph of the deceased. I gasped in disbelief!! It was one of my ex-classmates who had ended... Continue Reading →

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