If you could…

If you could understand the truth behind, "I was just kidding." If you could understand the feeling behind, "I don't care." If you could understand the pain behind, "It's okay." If you could understand the need behind, "Leave me alone." If you could understand the story behind, "I really don't know." If you could...  ... Continue Reading →


All About the “Me too” hashtag

You must have come across hundreds of females posting the "me too" hashtag (#me_too) on social media sites like twitter and facebook.  Where did the trend start? This comes in the wake of the accusations of sexual harrasment held against hollywood movie mogul Harvey Weinston. American actress Alyssa Milano, called on Twitter users on Sunday... Continue Reading →

*Goodbye my lover* This is not a 'good' bye. This is in fact, my worst bye till date, because I still can't live without you, but cannot live with you either. We are a completely wrong fit for each other. I'm the princess of doom and you are a blissfully content pauper. You're only born... Continue Reading →

Thanks a lot Aditi for nominating me. Earlier, I have been awarded for One lovely blog award, A-Z tag, The blue sky tag, etc. Visiting Aditi's blog was great experience. Interestingly, she is from my own city, and knows how to make the best creative out of various things. Rules: Thank the person who nominated you. Answer... Continue Reading →

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