Where Procrastination leads you to?

Procrastination~ the inbuilt art of delaying that lands you in your comfort zone at first and soon into unforeseen troubles. The funniest thing about procrastinating is that you know everything, but still you delay it. You know the prospects, the consequences, the fact that it will lead to no good, you've had first hand experiences... Continue Reading →

PCOS can be fought and won.

A prelude to my post: This post is about my PCOS story. However, it is a myth that males shouldn't be reading this. The post isn't gender specific like PCOS and more and more awareness should be spread about PCOS. Do share your experiences, if any in the comments. My PCOS was diagnosed when I... Continue Reading →

Nowadays people blindly follow the others and try to justify it with a "just because it's trending" tag. I recently noticed a few of them and upon further reflection, I was really amazed as to how poisonous some trend could be! First of all the pointless memes and relentless tagging. Most of the memes are... Continue Reading →

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