Reason why Being a Fish Out of Water is Awesome


How many of you are tired of accepting that you’re single. It pains you to know that all this while you have been a fish out of water. Here is the reason why you shouldn’t be feeling so.

Say that you are very adept at carving  and chiseling out a perfect idol, which would take anyone by its awe. But would you compromise and sell the idol at a cheap price, which isn’t it’s worth?  Wouldn’t you want to get it’s fair price? Oh right! You would compromise if there’s no other option. After all, it’s a question of survival… But what if there’s other option? What if there’s another customer who recognizes it’s worth and agrees to pay a fair price? Yes, all this can only be possible if you’re patient enough to wait.

Be one of a Kind
Be one of a kind

If you consider any one big brand in any field or any famous celebrity or sportsperson, you’ll notice two common things. First, they are unique in their own respective fields. Second, their worth is recognized by people. There are many famous stories of entrepreneurs who started small and achieved great success. They are unique today because they did  not compromise on their uniqueness. They are unique today because they believed in their uniqueness when no one else did. They are unique today because they knew their worth and were patient enough to wait for people to realize the same. Maybe, they did not succeed almost instantly, but they did succeed. Absolutely and definitely!

The same is also true for life and relationships…

How many of you compromised on your uniqueness to ‘adjust’ somewhere or to look ‘cool’? How many of you have tried to pretend or lied just to ‘fit in’? Ah almost everyone. Even I did that, only to realize that I couldn’t have been more stupid. The matter of fact is that all of us are nearly the same. What make you stand out from the crowd are actually the qualities you often tend to betray. Your heart says that you shouldn’t gulp down that pint of beer because you don’t feel that it is right. Stop then and there. Say a no instantly. It will not only save you from further troubles but it will also make you bolder and independent, so that you land upon correct decisions in the future. On the other hand, if you do not refuse, and gulp it down just because others think that it is cool, then you are more likely to make a fool of yourself.

Similarly, people try to ‘fit in’ others’ equation of good and bad, so as to save a dying relationship. But do things remain intact, or do they return to their earlier gloom when you try to fit in? No. Eventually, the things will turn out as they are destined to be. You don’t need to change yourself in order to make people stay or enter into your life. Even if you do try to pretend, you’ll not be able to do that for long,  Then you’ll blame them without even realizing that it was actually your bad to have portrayed an image of a person who was different than you.

The ‘cool’ way out:

So what if they didn’t accept you the way you are?It simply means that you weren’t meant for them and they weren’t meant for you. In fact you’re lucky to have saved your time and energy from being wasted on a Nano or Alto, when you’re Bentley awaits you in your future. All you have to do is be yourself and wait, for the right person who actually recognizes your worth the way you do. What’s more, cheers to a non-wasted life!


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  1. I loved your post. I also believe in patience. I didn’t find my life partner until I was in my mid thirties. You had many good points about fitting in. From your writing, and awareness of yourself and who you are – I have a feeling you will have a happy, and successful life.

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  2. This might sound harsh, but I think relationships are a necessary crutch for non-creative people. On the other hand, creative people tend to lose parts of their vision while in a relationship (especially ones they have no business being in). Whether that loss has to do with compromise, I would have to say yes. The key for creative people is to wait for that one person who loves them unconditionally and inspires them to work on their visions (no matter how dark and twisted they might be). In other words, there needs to be a triangular relationship with partner, creator and his/her vision.

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  3. Too true. Worst thing are the “well-meaning” people who will try and morph you into what *they* consider an acceptable lifestyle. Too many / too few children, too early too late, a child needs both parents, parents must be married, and – of course – male and female. πŸ™„ Personally, I doubt I could swing a household with 5+ kids. But I have a lot of respect for those who do and are able to. Besides, diversity is fun.

    Forgive the blatant use of cliches. It’s still way too early over here to think straight (6:30am).

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