Shattered Trust

So, you are the latest addition to the ‘my-trust-was-broken-and-it-is-a-pathetic-feeling’ squad. Needless to say, you would have been on a roller coaster ride of pain and disbelief, unable to digest that it actually happened. It would certainly be the first time you’ll realize that there’s much more chaos inside you than outside. The silence outside is screeching and scary. The chaos inside is confusing. Nah, you never saw it coming, you couldn’t have imagined it in the worst of your nightmares and you weren’t even ready. Yes, you did feel the tremors earlier when some of the expectations weren’t fulfilled. But for heaven’s sake, this is gotta be a full intensity earthquake! Aftershocks are what you still get. 
Just like your seniors in the squad, you too were led to believe that you were actually very strong, until someone, who you were very fond of, gave a tight slap to that belief. And now no one knows it better than you, the meaning of the old adage, “Once bitten twice shy”. Just so that you act like a petrified puppy when some stranger knocks the doors of your heart the next time. It is because you are afraid you might experience that same pain of being broken again.

What comes to my mind is the old story of a boy who was asked by his teacher to pluck and bring the most beautiful, flamboyant and voluminous flower in the valley, but without turning back once he had moved forward. The boy moves on and on only to find the next flower more beautiful and flamboyant than the previous one. Ultimately, he returns dissatisfied without even a single flower to his credit, in search of a better one everytime. This is what exactly happened with you. You trusted the wrong person, and when the right came, you lost your power to trust.

The fact that it is mishandled and taken for granted by every single human being, doesn’t make it any less a virtue. In fact, once you remove it’s very essence from the life of humans, it becomes meaningless. However, you make a mistake while believing that it will last forever. Trust, too is mortal like humans. You sit on a chair presuming that it will remain intact and won’t do any harm to you. But the reality is, that it can break anytime and you are most likely to fall down. So, the question in here is not of “if” but of “when”. All you need is to be prepared!


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  1. I shall say Trust but Verify. A trust that is so easily knocked down by one bad experience, needs to be verified. Finally, in life every opportunity may look better than the one before. One has to see how does most beautiful fits with my need.

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  2. Well said himanshi we must be optimistic always Nd in spite of being pessimistic for our any failure we must tak lesson from our failures nd keep on trying those break our trust r the foolish because they lost one genuine frnd.

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  3. Hey! I know this is kinda off topic but I was wondering which blog platform are you using for this site? Iโ€™m getting fed up of WordPress because Iโ€™ve had issues with hackers and Iโ€™m looking at options for another platform. I would be awesome if you could point me in the direction of a good platform.


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