The Irony

Himanshi Shukla quote
Himanshi Shukla quote

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  1. Ah, such an interesting question. I think (might be wrong here but I am sharing my thoughts) it is because often the first love marks the end of childhood and the beginning of our adult life. It is an important step that makes us grow as a human being. It is a reference point in our life that relates to an happy or sad moment. What marks it “special” is the novelty. These emotions that we feel with our first love are all new, sometimes idealized. With our parents it is different. There is no novelty. They have been there since we were a baby. With the novelty comes intense emotions which can be overwhelming and this makes it difficult to forget. All that, of course, does not excuse the fact that we shouldn’t forget about our parents and you are so right to bring up the question. (Hope that my reply is clear enough as I’m afraid my English writing is not so good. Sorry.)

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    1. You hit up the rational point in here, and I agree with you. However the question was an open ended one. It is believed that the age of mom’s love is more than anyone’s love by 9 months, but it happens often that one hurts her for some stupid guy or girl, only to repent it later.
      As you pointed out, it becomes your reference point for the entire life!
      Thanks for reading and sharing your viewpoint 😊

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