Just because it’s trending!

Nowadays people blindly follow the others and try to justify it with a “just because it’s trending” tag. I recently noticed a few of them and upon further reflection, I was really amazed as to how poisonous some trend could be!

First of all the pointless memes and relentless tagging. Most of the memes are absolutely hilarious, I agree, but did you ever weigh the pros and cons? Okay so a clear picture of what exactly happens~ your friend tags you in a meme. You simply can’t resist seeing what it is up to, so you open your facebook account. Then starts commenting and counter-commenting. Then you aimlessly and unnecessarily scroll and scroll and laugh at some memes and tag your friends in most of them. Oh, and if you are online, then why not check out your notifications, respond to friend requests, etc until you finally realize that it consumed those handsome, otherwise useful hours from your day! I swear I saw a meme stating “Tag your friends so that they waste a few seconds reading this”, and another one stating the correct pronunciation of the word ‘meme’ itself along with common misinterpretations. 
Next, there was this girl on YouTube nicknamed as “Dhinchak Pooja” whose video songs became to be as trending just because they were intolerable to human ears! She became a star with millions of subscribers and views on her channel. There were memes- lacs of them on how people hated her voice. Ironical that despite everyone hating her, she’s got such a huge fan following.

Dhinchak Pooja

“Despa… cito!” Oh is it in Spanish? And how do we pronounce it? But it’s so catchy!

And how can I miss “Sayat.me” and “Sarahah.com” out here? When someone genuinely criticizes you on your face, then you can’t stand it but if you want to remain in the game, you need to indulge in this stupid exercise of accepting reviews and messages from anonymous people about yourself. What’s more, you post the good ones as your story or status and ask people stupidly who they are and smartly never reveal the ones where the those things were professed which you won’t like to hear. Of course, no one will be able to know about it! And the ones where your self-esteem was really assassinated, you post it on Facebook and criticize and abuse that anonymous people because yes, how dare they! 

Dear people, you have to know that the world can even sell you poison (and it is already being sold) once it adhers to your taste and once you’re into that abyss of senselessness. Sans your senses to differentiate between what’s wrong or right for you or what’s useful or useless for you. Platforms like “Sarahah.com” and “Sayat.me” have absolutely nothing to do with your life’s fun or the golden years of your career but everything to do with their business. Yes, it’s simple… It’s their business and you’re just a customer. Drops make up an ocean but the ocean won’t die if that one drop is extracted out of it. That girl whom you hate to the core and laugh at the memes where she’s being abused because she’s so out of tune, she’s already made lacs out of those stupid songs in such a short time. Why? Ah, it’s simple. Idiots like you exist to entertain her cause. Afterall, it’s cool to remain in trend And remain updated, failing to which you’ll be termed as a nerd among your friends, which is far better than carrying the tag of a useless fellow for the rest of your life. And hats off to your general knowledge these days. You remain updated with memes which even tell you a movie’s release date, it’s review, it’s earning, it’s popular dialogues, etc. 

And no, it’s not right or wrong. It’s just sad… Just because it’s trending!


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  1. My God this hit a chord. The amount of social media consumption is poisonous as you rightly pointed out and apps like sarahah are only adding fuel to the fire. I don’t even get the point of it to be honest. Your friends don’t need an anonymous platform to say nice things to you, and haters and trolls never should be given such platform to promote bullying. Sadly, while your post will get at a maximum 1000-2000 views, apps like sarahah and people like Pooja and that God awful “Aunty Au Kya” guy will rake in millions. Seriously, I never even opened their YouTube channel and only saw them because some friend of mine keeps sending me shitty memes featuring them.

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  2. I so agree! I have no idea what Despacito or Sarahah are, and now know to stay away from them…..lol….but in my social world there is different versions of this kind of toxic stuff going around. I get sucked into it and thirty minutes later, there is time wasted from my life I will never get back. Its best just not to click on stuff that we know is just “junk”. 😉

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    1. Despacito is a famous song (Puerto Rican singers). Even though many people didn’t get the lyrics due to the language, but it was on the tongue of everyone in every country!
      Sarahah was for anonymous people messaging you their opinions about you. You can’t find out who they are by any means!
      I’m sure, and as you say that there’s other toxic stuff out there… Better to act according to your own conscience
      Thanks for reading and sharing your views.


  3. So important! I never follow trends. It’s like, I’ll do something because I like it, or I genuinely want it- not because everyone’s doing it or liking it. This whole trend following is making people become clone like, and they’re losing individuality. So thankyou for this important post!

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      1. Exactly! And they’re comfortable with it because they are constantly bombarded with these trends on every source of media and social media. We sublimely get fed with this nonsense of daily consistent basis until the majority are made to believe its normal and cool. This world 🙄

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  4. I totally agree with you. I have also installed Saharah to see why all are there. But later felt it useless and void. Sometimes, we just start follow apps, things bcoz others are using it. But I think we need to rethink upon its pro’s and con’s first.

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