How do you know that a pair of sandals you have is quite cool? Or that shirt you brought yesterday, how can you say that it looks fab? Okay forget it, without using any mathematics, tell me about the length of the following line.

Clueless about it? Okay! What about this one?

Now you would say that the former is shorter than the latter. 

This is exactly what you people are doing with your self-worth. It doesn’t have a length of it’s own. It is infinite. Limitless… With endless possibilities! It is you who doesn’t recognize it’s value. You start comparing your self to others. You may be happy with those pair of sandals that you consider to be cool, but the moment you see someone wearing another pair of sandals, which, according to you look more cool than yours, you become anxious. Suddenly your pair of sandals become underrated. You get this instant desire to  dispossess it and crave over the ones you cannot possess!

Now how about this?

Suppose you’re still cursing your luck at those sandals and you see a poor girl sans slippers?

If you are comparing yourself with others, you’re insulting yourself!

You are one of a kind. You have to know that the treasures within you cannot be found elsewhere. The fins of a fish are meant to swim and the feathers of a bird are meant to fly!

Despite all these wise words, the matter of fact is that most of you are going to continue the practice of comparing yourself with others and slapping your self-esteem time and again. And it is just human to do that. 

Just remember to smile to yourself in the mirror and say to yourself, while actually meaning it, “I’m matchless!” Let go of that inferiority complex as soon as you can.

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  1. Great post Himanshi. There is a lovely quote by I believe Theodore Roosevelt: “Comparison is the thief of joy”. It always stayed with me as it’s so true. Comparing ourselves to others is definitely not part of the “health and happiness” picture ๐Ÿ™‚

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  2. bilkul sahi kaha apne Himanshi ji main khud bhi kabhi kisi or se ya kisi or khud se compare karne nahi deta main khud se hamesha yahi kehta rehta hun mere jaisa or koi nahi main ishwar ki sharvashresth rachnao me se ek hun isse hota yah hai ki mera confident bana rehta hai haar me bhi or jeet me bhi zindagi ke har mukaam pe

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