How to use Internet to Become More Powerful!

One of the most sensible videos, I’ve stumbled upon in life!


26 thoughts on “How to use Internet to Become More Powerful!

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  1. I get his point but don’t agree with all of it. Laughter is more than refreshment. It can be a teaching tool. Humor can teach us much. If you are someone who wants to fit in then you will do whatever that is to fit in…social media or not. That hasn’t changed since the beginning of time. If you listen to yourself you have been aware since social media appeared that it can be a way to communicate but not the only way. You will see it only as a tool…not a toy. Being someone who has never been a screen fan. I can’t stare at these screens for long stretches of time. They are empty. I need to use all my senses….social media can’t do that. I think you can use it as tool to learn….but growing happens when you get off social media.

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    1. I completely understand what you are trying to say. And the last line of yours summarized it all. But yes, probably the man wanted to say that if it is just just just impossible for you to quit on social media, then why not use it to your own benefits

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      1. Agree with you completely. It’s interesting how many people don’t realize they are “addicted”. Sometimes it’s cute…other times scary. I have a friend that sometimes I take the phone and say this is the servant not the master. You need to be the master not the servant to your iPhone. I think I’m funny. I don’t think he thinks I’m funny. :>

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