World Photography Day special

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On the occasion of World Photography Day, I’ve made a slideshow of the 35 best photographs that I’ve clicked. They’re already there on my blog and have been shared in individual posts. But putting them together in one place was a great idea! I say so because there are memories associated with each photograph. So while creating the slideshow, I had a wonderful trip down the memory lane. 

One great confession, I’d dare to make today! I love Photography from the core of my heart and I have still not learnt it. I wish to buy a camera and do a Photography course. I can easily get it by asking my father for it as the next birthday gift, but somehow (dunno why) I want to buy it with my own money. I’ve even started working for it. 


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  1. Happy World Photography Day!! I know that you will get the camera. I usually use the camera in my Samsung Cell phone. It works great. I do have a Fuji Digital camera which I rarely use. It is easier to carry around the cell phone with me. Here are some of my fabulous photos at Roaming Urban Gypsy.

    Grace,Peace & Blessings! ❤ Hugs! ❤


  2. Good photography is not so much about the equipment (although it certainly helps) but about they eye and the imagination. If you are creative and can see things that others miss, you will make a good photographer, no matter what camera you use. Having said that, go for it! You have already taken some really nice pictures, so you just imagine what more you can do.

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