Why life moves on!

​“…and  now  I’m  just  not  surprised  when  people leave.  I’m actually surprised when they stay.”

 Life  is  a  voyage  where  we  meet  new  faces  daily.  Some  of  them  stay  with  us,  some stay  behind  and  some,  just  move  on.  Actually  the  ones  who  move  on  are  exactly the  people  who  were  special  to  us,  I  mean,  very  special.  They  were  the  ones  we were  so  fond  of. They  depart  and  we  spend,  or  to  be  accurate,  “waste”  half  of  our  time  thinking what  wrong  we  did.  We  cry.  We  sob.  We  begin  to  assume  that  it  was  us  who  was erroneous.  Never  do  we  realize  that  it  could  be  the  other  way  round. Why is  it  always  us  who  has  to  perfect?  Why  do  we  always  have  to  suffer?  Why  is it  that  we  are  the  ones  who  has  to  apologize  every  single  time?  Why  can’t  we  just let  them  leave?  Some  fault  lies  on  our  part  too.  After  all  it  was  us  who  let  them enter  our  make  the  heel  out  of  it.    We  take  too  much  time  to  realize  that  life without  them  is  much  better.  They  were  just  small  chapters  of  the  book  of  our life.  Chapters  that  were  written  not  to  be  read  again.  Never.  They were those leaves which need to be shed in order to make space for the fresh ones! Life  goes  on  because  you  deserve  much  better.

 “Sometimes  you  have  to  move  on  without certain  people. If  they’re  meant to be in your life, they’ll  catch  up.” 

                                     – Jyoti Tiwari


38 thoughts on “Why life moves on!

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      1. Excellent blog with such sensible posts! I loved the one in which you have told how to live in high self-esteem. And no one is really an expert… I just gave my feedback as a reader.


  1. This was a truly wonderful piece! So insightful yet hard for us to accept the truths that you speak of. You really captured the way I feel – “We take too much time to realize that life without them is much better.” If my 2nd Ex-wife hadn’t run off with her boyfriend I would have never found the soulmate that is my 3rd wife! (don’t they say the third time is the charm? Ha!). Thanks so much for this great piece.

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    1. Thanks a lot for reading!
      I can’t even begin to imagine how you must have felt at that time but yes, whatever happened was really worth it. You found your soulmate 😊
      So glad that you could relate to my post


  2. Thank you for enjoying my blog. People come and go in life and when some leave we may find that it was good because some people are so difficult. They make life unpleasant so it’s best for those people to leave. Please come back to my blog more often. Take care.

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