2000 followers+ Theme Contest and giveaway!

Hala wonderful readers! It gives me immense joy to announce that The Caged Bird Sings just crossed it’s 2000 followers’ mark. My blog completes it’s 8 months on the 21st of August. In less than 8 months, I’ve seen hundreds of reblogs, thousands of views, visitors and comments and tonns of love from my readers. I’d like to take a minute from this joyous moment to thank all my readers, visitors and followers. You’ve been steadfast pillars of support. 

Previously when the blog surpassed 900 followers’ mark, I did Promote your blogs. This time though, I wanted to do something different but was quite clueless about it… Until I received an email from    

This email was a response to my post The truth about happinessJames shared with me the story of how his brother overcame a depression that had engulfed him for 20 years! But when he did, there was no turning back. He wrote a book about the guide to health and happiness. 

The Theme Contest

The Theme for this Contest is “The secret of Health and Happiness”. Now you all know where is it inspired from. I’ve come to realize that these two are the ultimate elements we need in order to live. But unfortunately, they are the most ignored ones. It is not until you have certain ailment that you become alert. Why not prevent it instead. Above all, there’s no life without smiles! Health and happiness both go hand in hand. 


1. Write a post* on the Theme and mention the link of this blog on your original post.

2. Drop the link of your post (once it is published) in the comment section of this blog post so that I can check the post.


The best five stories would get an ebook Happy Guide Michael Kinnaird. 

* The post could be about your perception of Health and Happiness. Whether you have discovered them or are you still searching for it. If you’ve overcome some Health or emotional issues and want to share the story of it, it’ll be welcome. You could also share the story of you’re still suffering but are on your road to healing.


95 thoughts on “2000 followers+ Theme Contest and giveaway!

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  1. Aap mujhe ye bta skti hai kya ki blogging community mai followers aur likes apney satisfaction ke liye important hota hai ?ya iska long time effect aapkey professional writing ke liye important hota hai.kyunki mai normally content pr dhyan deti hu .kya ye shi thought nhi hai?

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  2. 2,000! That’s incredible!! I am new to blogging (old in age) and am really enjoying getting to know everyone, hearing their stories and their views. I love it! I don’t know if this is the right way to do this; however, I recently wrote a post on “Emotional Fitness” and wanted to enter it in your contest. Here’s the link: https://brendasrandomthoughts.wordpress.com/2017/06/03/emotional-fitness-seasons/ . Let me know if (and how) I need to do something else. =)

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  3. Hi Himanshi, congratulations on reaching 2,000 followers β€” that’s quite an achievement in such a short space of time! I love your idea of asking for β€œhealth and happiness” posts and stories. I can’t wait to read them!

    And a big thank you of course from Michael and me for running this giveaway. Happy Guide is a real passion for us both and it feels great! πŸ™‚

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  4. How nice you have achieved to reach so many people with your excellent blog Himanshi. 2000 followers in 8 months is a lot of people! Congratulations and thank you indeed. I will keep following your blog and enjoying it.

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