The Truth Behind Forever…

I don’t know why but I have come to realize that  the words like “forever” or “always” hold any meaning in this mortal world.
 I mean you could spend lacs and crores getting your house white washed. You may use the best material, the best paint in the world. But still, it is certain that it’ll perish some day and you’ll have to spend those handsome bucks again! You may buy a Lamborghini, much  to your satisfaction. Still that day is inevitable when it would no longer be in your use. You may shower all the love on your pet dog, but with the advancement of it’s age, it’ll rot unto death. You may promise a stream of “forevers” to your beloved. You may even mean them in full sincerity at that time. But there does come a time when all of it seems meaningless and futile. 

Change is the only permanent thing in the world.

Actually this forever is a promise you make with yourself. A promise you yourself are unconfident of. A promise only to be faded into the oblivion, to be lost into the abyss of reality. Promises are meant to be broken, after all. And no, it is not your fault. The truth dawns upon you when the reality and practicality of life comes into the picture. It is when the inevitable change creeps in that the ethereal shackles of forever unchain you. 

But this is not where you thought that you were meant to be. You were not ready for that inescapable change. 

“If I get my dream job, I’ll be happy always.”

“We are unlike the other couples who have to fight over petty issues. Our understanding is much deep. We have never fought over a single thing and our love has only grown all these years. We have promised to be there for each other until the other end”

 Do you ever get such thoughts? Then you need to check your thoughts immediately.

Getting your dream job may give you immense joy and matchless feeling but you have to know that it may fade away some day. I am not telling you to not celebrate that happiness but to not rely on it. To know that it too will pass by some day because day is followed by the night. 

Being in an amicable relationship is very good and even rare. Okay so all’s well between you guys and you decide to marry. But having the predisposition that there won’t be any problems in the relationship because there haven’t been any till now, is a very dark thought in itself to be very realistic. Okay, if you’re bent on being positive, then you may think, moreover accept the fact that problems are a part of life. If at all they come, we will face them together with courage and mutual understanding. 

P.S.  I could go on and on but I realize that I have to stop somewhere πŸ˜‰ Some of the readers may consider my thoughts to be pessimistic but I would declare it beforehand that I am a realist. I see things as they are. I would appreciate your views on the same!

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  1. I would say speaking for romantic relationships, it makes sense to say things like “we’ll love each other forever and always” or something, but it definitely doesn’t always make sense to assume you’ll never have conflict in the relationship bc that happens. Very thoughtful post xx

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  2. I continue to be part of a relationship which has lasted over thirty years. It’s been a rollercoaster of trials, troubles, joys and friendship. It’s how we learned to cope with difficulties together that has brought us closer and made us even stronger, but life has at times been very rough. Definitely no picnic, but I feel I’ve been very lucky as even after all this time he’s still my best pal (except for the days I could kill him!)
    Yes I agree it’s good to be a realist as many have a crazy overly romantic view of long term relationships, but I also remember a few days before our marriage. I was full of fears and doubts. He turned to me and said, ‘Lets not lose the romance’ and in many ways he was right, the mix has worked well.

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  3. Interesting… “Impermanence” is the central tenet of Buddhist philosophy.

    I recently commented to someone that even in a long-term relationship, one has to accept that things won’t stay the same. Not only does everything around us change, but we change as well.

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      1. No there is no hard and fast rule but yes the post should be real and also it shouldn’t be offensive.
        I can’t share the id here. You can find it by visiting my site. You’ll find it in “Connect with Himanshi Shukla”
        Looking forward to receiving your mail😊

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