Feelings Reloaded

I found you smiling in this cacophonous world… A concept that somehow seemed bizarre to me.

 There you were rejoicing in the rain. And here I was engulfed in my starched collar. My brain said that it was insane! But you propelled my heart in believing that it was okay to loosen that starched collar and let yourself drench in the rain carelessly.

It was surprised, my unwavering stare into the deep abyss of life; when it saw how restless your eyeballs were, blinking almost a hundred times in a minute; dilating even when they saw a colourful umbrella. As if a turbulent storm boxed beneath the eyelashes… They taught me life, your restive eyeballs. They shouted life even in the darkest hours.

My heart beat skipped thirty two beats when you started giggling in the meeting when the boss was scolding us. “His moustache literally dances when he shouts”,  you said. I laughed on the observation of yours. I laughed more than my stomach could take. You taught me it was okay to laugh your heart out even in the most grave situations. 

You said that it was okay…

To let go and live again!


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