The truth about happiness

Q.“Hey are you okay?” 

A. “Umn.. Yeah I am fine!”

What a perfect lie! How often do you use this as an excuse? 

Moreover, what does happiness mean to you? More money? Success? A bungalow? Expensive car? Company of your friends or loved ones? Good food? A nice dress? A kind deed? Your boyfriend/girlfriend telling you how much he/she loves you? Your health? Someone’s smile?

And, how many of you are dependant on others for your happiness? Or is it when your expectations get fulfilled that you feel happy? 

Too many questions right? Okay let me give you a situation.

You already have numerous pair of shoes but you want that expensive one because it looks so dashing! Your parents agree to it and as soon as you buy it, your happiness is on top. While coming out from the showroom, you see a small child. Perhaps he can’t afford even a pair of slippers, let alone shoes. You decide that it is the boy who needs the shoes more than you. You give away those shoes(willingly) to that boy. He smiles and leaves…

Q. What did you get now? 

A. Satisfaction.

Which feeling was more great? Of happiness when you finally get those shoes, or of satisfaction, when you actually made someone happy?

Coming back to the concept of happiness. In one way or the other, when you ponder over it, you’ll find that you are dependant upon someone or something for your happiness. You need a reason to be happy! When the reason or cause is not fulfilled, you get sad! 

Now what if we reverse the equation? You need a reason to be sad. When there’s no reason to be sad, you remain happy! 

Actually our happiness has become a toffee. As long as the toffee is in stock, we’re happy. When we run out of toffeess, we get sad that why isn’t the toffee there? But what if we remember the taste of the toffee? 

Comment your thoughts.

P.S. I wanted it to be an open session because I have come to realize that happiness is a “to each, his own thing”.


56 thoughts on “The truth about happiness

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  1. Happiness is a volatile concept. I try to catch every moment of it when I can and it seems to be getting harder as we grow older and we bear more responsibilities. Happiness for me is a rewarding action, like buying the child the shoes he need. Happiness for me is to see someone smile/laugh because of something I said to lighten up the day. As I grow older, I see that happiness is not me alone. Happiness is shared.

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  2. ” you’ll find that you are dependant upon someone or something for your happiness. You need a reason to be happy! When the reason or cause is not fulfilled, you get sad! ” That’s absolutely true. wonderful post, I’ll repost it some day.

    PS I’m “guest in jest” if you want to read it.

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      1. That is relative don’t you think? Enough is when you aren’t struggling. When you realise you don’t need too much or excess to feel at peace. If you are at peace you find happiness 🙃

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      2. That appreciation comes with age and experience. (Old lady talking!) But it does happen. I am happt. I don’t have everything but I have what’s important and I have enough to not suffer. I am surrounded by love. A roof over my head. Food on the table. Enough. 🙂

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  3. Very nice post.
    Happiness, joy, satisfaction are all abstract feelings which we feel straight from heart. Sometimes a little moment can give greatest joy while sometimes we haunt for it.
    It depends on us how we keep ourselves happy. We can either brood over silly things or can enjoy every moment of this life, doing little act of kindness, making this life worthy enough to spread happiness all around.

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