How much do you love yourself 2?

Himanshi Shukla



27 thoughts on “How much do you love yourself 2?

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    1. Yes because if you don’t then how can you expect the other person to do that. And if the other person is in love with the person that you pretend yourself to be, then what is the point of it all? Thanks a lot for reading and sharing your thoughts… Keep doing the same 🙂

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      1. It is as simple as a ‘I don’t have a reason to do otherwise’.
        But your counter statement would be that ‘how can one not love oneself and that one doesn’t need a reason to do so. It is how it has to be and should be.’

        But I believe that people have something that they are proud of, however small or invisible. Or it is how people are built generally. I am not one among them, to be more blunt, and nor do I have something that I am proud of.


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