Be Unshackled.

They won’t stop selling you fairness, slimness or sassiness. Or they might say, that you should enhance your beauty further by using this soap or that fairness cream. But the secret of immense beauty doesn’t lie in these fake materialistic products. It resides within you and it is called happiness. ☺ By happiness I don’t mean smiling unnecessarily all the time. But, by realising your inner beauty and embracing it. Loving yourself such that you do not require anyone else to love you. Instead of being a better half for someone, be your complete self.

Is there any better conditioner than the soft wind that caresses your hair so tenderly? The most beautiful smile is that of a new born baby and that is without any makeup. Don’t let that child inside you die. Cherish it’s spirits ’cause it’ll keep you lively all the time!

Don’t let your skin color, hair texture, price of your clothes define you. They don’t add to your beauty as your heart does. If someone laughs at you, laugh with them and confuse them. 

Go out in the rain and let it wash all the dirt, not only from your body but from your soul too. Know that there is no depression that books, chocolates and icecreams cannot shoo away. Don’t put away that extra slice of pizza for avoiding some calories. Go for it. It won’t kill you. Everyone dies someday, anyways. 

Be carefree. Mindless of what the people have to say. They feel joy in bringing you down because they are already below you. Please don’t even give a damn to ’em and prove ’em wrong.

Be undettrred. Be unstoppable. Be Unshackled.



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  1. I wish the world was that way. Lovely topic, but I’m afraid that in the western world doesn’t function like this. If you’re not at your most, you’re nothing, you’re invisible. Your appearance is one of the steps that will make you succeed. It’s good to feel free from what people think about you, but it’s impossible for instance in a country that doesn’t like other ethnicity. Or in a country in which women are very serious about their appearance like the Uk and Ireland. But still…. too much of anything isn’t good for anyone

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    1. I agree but it is very same in my country too. But atleast I prefer not following any crowd and be myself, whatever it takes and no matter what happens! I know that I am one of a kind. I don’t need to change myself for people who don’t like me the way I am, because they’re off my list already. Moreover, no one can make you feel inferior unless you are ready. Makeup in itself is not bad, unless it is mentally forced upon you and you are not left with other choice.

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