The typical king-queen story with a non-typical moral!

I feel ‘philosophical’ as I recall one of the stories that my teacher told me in an empowerment programme. Though it’s next to the typical ones- king and queen being involved, but still it is the way of life.

Once there lived a king with four wives. The first queen was a benevolent human who had intense love for her husband. The second queen was quite intelligent and used to solve all the problems of the king in minutes. The third queen was goddamn beautiful and attractive, so much so that everyone praised the king, whenever he went out with him. The fourth queen was childish and the king loved her so much that whatever she demanded, the king gave her.

As the time passed, the king eventually started loathing the first wife, as she was of no use to him. He stopped talking to her. The first wife got upset with this behavior of the king.

After a few years, the king fell seriously ill and all the doctors failed to figure out what disease the king had. The doctors declared that the king would die soon! The king was disheartened. He had never been alone as he had four wives, kingdom, its people and their presence meant very much, but if he died, he would go alone to the World of God.

Perplexed, the king went to his second wife, who had the ability of solving any and every problem of the king on the tips of her fingers. He told his problem to her. The queen said that she loved the king very much and was really upset to know that he was about to leave the world. But she would not accompany him to the World of God. Dazed, the king asked her the reason. The queen stated that she was famous for her intelligence and anyone would remarry her after his death. The king was saddened by the reply.

He went to the third queen, thinking that wherever he went, he took her with him. Why won’t she help him? But the third queen also had the same reply with the reason that she was so attractive that any king would readily marry her after he was gone. So there was no point in wasting her life that way.

The king was heartbroken, but he remembered his fourth wife. He had always fulfilled her every wish and pampered and loved her so much… Why would she refuse to him? But to the utter dismay of the king, the fourth queen too refused to accompany him to the World of God.

Broke, the king lay in his bed. He was plunged into greatest horrors of grief. This was worse than any of the nightmares, because this was the reality that was unfolding in front of him, and not a dream that could easily be forgotten. Then, out of nowhere, he saw his first queen coming towards him. She looked weary and as worn out as was the king. She was calm and soothing. The king was taken by surprise when she told him that she was ready to accompany him to the World of God. The king was ashamed of his attitude and behavior towards the queen, but now it was too late to mend the pot!


Yeah, now you must be left wondering who the four queens actually were. I too asked the same question from my teacher. But what came as the answer made the above story from a typical one to an unforgettable one. That’s why I’ve cherished the story through all these years.

The first queen of the king was- soul, about whom, he had forgotten and was ready to go with him to the World of God. The second queen was knowledge, whom he had used in every aspect of his life, his every problem, but who had refused to him. The third queen was wealth, whom the king took everywhere, and was so attractive. But once the king left the world, it would be of someone else. The fourth queen was greed, which was endless and whatever it demanded, it got.

Moral of the story- Nothing in the world is ours for too long. Everything, absolutely everything one has is momentary, capable of departure. It is just your soul which was yours, is yours and will be yours and will accompany you to the World of God. But acting a worldly bastard, like the king, one never cares for it, but useless things like one’s greed, wealth,etc.



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  1. This tale is stuff Nani would tell her kids. These tales, they have something intense in them. Like when they are told, no one questions the logic, timeline and reality of all of it happening in life. We just listen to it. And later when it’s finished, everytime it’s good. These tales are goodness.

    Thank you for this tale. I enjoyed it immensely.

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  2. Reblogged this on Novus Lectio and commented:
    This is so true that I couldn’t stop thinking that I should re-blog it in my page! I loved it sooo much, actually I wish I could live with that thought everyday, but we’re human after all and our chores keep us away from reality.

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