Now a days coaching institutes earn crores of rupees but still can’t provide quality education. The private schools (at least the one where I studied) charge as high as 15000 bucks as monthly fees. Still, the matter of the fact is that most of the students rush to coaching institutes for studying.

 Some of them even go to the same teacher’s coaching institute who is the subject teacher in the school. Seriously, are you kidding it man? The teacher who couldn’t teach you in class, will give you better notes in coaching! The bend of the road is just this. Of course the teacher won’t teach properly in classroom, because if he will, then who’s gonna come to his coaching for studies? There are students who even claim that the particular teacher didn’t give them enough marks because they do not attend the coaching classes.

Then there are still other coaching institutes (which prepare you for competitive exams) who run the advertisement of false alumni by offering the student who topped a handsome amount. 

And then, there are still some students who give free tutorials to poor students who can’t even afford going to a school…

This photo was clicked at Gomti River front in Lucknow, India, where I spotted a boy teaching 4 kids who can’t afford going to school. I so wanted to have a conversation with the boy so as to ask what inspired him to do so, but then didn’t want to interrupt him while teaching. I have often seen similar sights in Lucknow’s Jaineshwar Mishra Park (one of Asia’s largest park), with the difference that they were a group of friends, teaching multiple poor kids. If these kids won’t get a degree, atleast they’ll learn how to read and write!

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  1. Wonderful that these students are offering to help those not so fortunate. Teaching is on the whole a rewarding profession but if you do it just for the money it will never be so rewarding as your heart will never be in it.

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      1. Yes and I worked with both. I admit I stand in awe of the teachers you saw helping those kids. Education was always about opportunity. I was lucky to give kids opportunity.

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      2. When you give a student opportunity it’s wonderful to watch how they take advantage of it. I had some failures but a lot of success. It about allowing a student to see what might be possible.

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  2. The subject of Education and more specific about the Coaching status which was struck in my mind since long ago is finally explained wonderfully by your blog. Nicely written.

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  3. Education, imparting knowledge is such a noble profession. Many of the teachers and schools have made a mockery of it. It is only in the hands of such dedicated young boys and girls who think beyond themselves, I see the future of our country.

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  4. Teaching is a mechanism of knowledge performance expressed in human language for learning and understanding. In fact, teaching mechanism is running in our bloodstream and we ignore the learning mechanism of brain systems. Teaching is everything in school system but the paper notes of subject matter are distributed in coaching classes for home learning.
    These booming coaching institutes show that school system is failing in the country. We can change the learning perspectives of classroom performance by applying brainpage theory in which teaching is not necessary and homework is not required. Brainpage development is everything in academic performance and learning is made complete in school hours. This is the system of school learnography in which the subcortical learning of brain mechanism is encouraged to learn science, mathematics, technology and literature. Thank you for writing about the real picture of education system and helping hands.

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  5. Yes, I faced the same situation while I was in 12 th standard. A chemistry teacher wants me to join his coaching classes. He humiliated me in front of everyone by commenting on how badly I wrote my paper. I can sense some kind of ‘agenda’ as he was not saying anything to the students who scored lesser than me, as they were taking his coaching classes.Regardless of this, I didn’t took the coaching and scored decent marks in my chemistry subject. 😊

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  6. 12 years ago, I helped for a while at a free school for children of poor families in an Indian village. Fantastic that there are people who will do this without wanting to make vast sums of money.

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  7. Education is a business. It’s what I think everytime I see an advertisement for a school or an institution.

    The people behind these institutions, they are good businessman. They understand people’s bias towards government jobs and English medium schools, and they exploit it beautifully. Big buildings with AC’d environment, fancy furnitures with crazy hoopla all around; it’s like they are charging people money for these things instead of actual education. Also, the classic cliché that it is government’s fault is also right. I’ve read in a government school. The way they are maintained, it’s natural no one wants their kid to read in ’em.

    Thanks for the post. It was a good read.

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  8. So you are telling me these young children can not attend school due to money?! It is an unbelievable concept to me to punish innocent children over money!!! I can not even imagine this!! Wow! I feel so sad for them and those that can’t pay this coaching money!! I wish more will help them too!

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  9. It takes a lot of courage and faith to go against the stream. If the stream is education is business and money is god, test scores are the path to money, and money is happiness, then it will take a lot to walk the other direction for parents and educators alike.
    Nice post!


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