Capturing bees is so much fun. Practically, I am afraid of them, especially when they transfer themselves from one place to another while sitting. Nevertheless, these were quite cooperative with me and it was all over in a few clicks. A vote of thanks to them for all the cooperation and yeah, for not stinging me!

Photography by~

Himanshi Shukla



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  1. What a lovely photo. It’s important to respect bees. Without them, we would all perish. For some odd reason, I like handling bees. I don’t mean being crazy, but just letting them walk along my finger or arm. I’ve always felt that if I respected them, they would respect me. In 56 years the only time I was ever stung was when I stepped on a bee by mistake. I think I deserved a good stinging!

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  2. Great shot! I have to get over my fear of bees. Maybe if I try to photograph them I will have a greater appreciate and less fear. Your photo is inspiring me πŸ™‚
    Thanks for sharing!

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    1. Thanks a lot for the appreciation. It is always better to put away your fears however intense it may be! You should definitely go for it and I’ve seen that if you do not trouble the bees, they won’t trouble you😊
      All the best πŸ‘

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