Strong desire for something.

Desire originates in your mind. It is the want for someone who you aspire to become. When you really want to get something, when you have a very strong desire to get it, then and there the desire takes over you. If you say that you are working for it then you are completely wrong. It is the desire for it which is making you work. This desire will make you act, it will keep you going… When you decide to quit, this desire will bind you back and will remind you of your commitment. Ultimately, it is this desire which will decide your results! And, you can always trick your mind to choose what it wants. So why not choose the greatest? 

   Great desire, great will power, great energy, great confidence, great action, great results.


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      1. Yeah right. But the points I depicted can only be written under “desire”. Likewise desire can have a negative meaning. For example, if you have a strong desire to destroy something, and the desire completely takes over you then you become unstoppable. You can get anything you put your mind to, regardless of it being constructive or destructive.
        Nicely pointed out though. Thanks

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  1. What an inspirational post!! I must apologize for getting so far behind on reading your posts! I always enjoy them but I have to see what in the world I’ve done as I get email alerts for new post and figured ya weren’t posting but it is because I need to view your posts in reader instead – urrr…. not that I wasn’t also far behind on that but urrr I must find a better way in one central area!

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