Our encounter with River Ghagra πŸ€˜

Well, some trips call on for extreme adventures. This was the one, a few days back and my first one via a train’s A.C. chair car. I never used to go for a chair car coach because, they seemed uncomfortable to me for long distances. Sure they are. But when it is for a two hour journey, with your favorite cousin, you enjoy a lot. 

I was traveling to Lucknow from Gonda and we knew that we would meet Ghagra, a tributary of the Ganges. We set our camera on recording and kept the phone on the window (we were lucky, it didn’t stir😁), and enjoyed the view all by ourselves. There is something enigmatic about the rivers which draws all my attention towards it. When I am in Lucknow, and happen to pass by the Gomti, I really leave everything aside and stare at it like a moron! Somehow, that placates me… Similarly, while in Delhi, I stare like that for a while at Yamuna.  

The following video records Ghagra in all its grandeur. Hope you guys enjoy that!

I have always wondered what this train carries inside, besides coal!


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  1. Thanks for the video footage. With music accompaniment, it was as if Ghagra was dancing to it and warbling like a free bird. Did it not inspire you to move out of the cage and wing your way up the open skies?

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  2. Train journey fascinates me. Alas! unlike earlier times we travel mostly by A/C coaches. Windows are sealed. We cannot smell and feel the outside There is no coal dust that blackens our face and irritates our eyes. Instead of adjusting with strangers, we fight for our reserved seat. But nevertheless, train journey is still exciting.

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  3. Some familiar scenes there. I travelled India and the surrounding countries constantly between 1965 and 1985 prior to moving to Singapore as a base and travelling the rest of Asia for a further ten years before returning to Australia. Bharat Mata Hamara.

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    1. Oh that’s so great! You must be knowing about the Ganges or River Ganga. This river is a tributary of the Ganges.
      One correction though, it is “Hamaari Bharat Mata”, that is “Our mother India”. Nevertheless, it seems good to hear it from you.
      A heartious “Namaste” (hope you have heard that word in India).
      I would love to know your native country.

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      1. I guess my Hindi is getting rusty after being away since 1985 and only making infrequent stopovers in the next ten years. lol. Yes I suppose it would take the feminine form being Mother India wouldn’t it. Thanks for the correction.

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