In love with these golden showers…


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  1. Cassia fistula, botanical name, commonly known as golden rain tree or golden shower tree. The yellow flower is the national flower of Thailand. In Kerala, it is used to make the ‘ kani’ for Vishu, the new year, and people wake up in the early hours of the morning opening their eyes to these bright yellow flowers together with fruits such as mango, pineapple, cucumber and a pic of Krishna as an auspicious beginning to the new year. Vishu is celebrated in mid April every year…

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  2. Fascinating, and beautiful… I’m wondering if these are at all related to what were called “Golden Chain” trees (Laburnum?) around here. 2,000-meter elevation, and winters down to -10C, but there used to be a number of very large, obviously quite old specimens nearby. Really spectacular trees when blooming… Unfortunately, they’ve all been cut down as development encroached. “Progress.”

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