Anything can happen~ Fear of fall

We are always afraid to fall. Be it the first time you began to walk or the first time you wanted to love but didn’t. The fear of eventual fall is always there on the back of our minds. But let just consider this one crazy thought… When, in the beginning, you are oblivious of the fact that whether you are gonna win or you are gonna lose, what is the actual probability of you winning or losing? Complicated? Let’s make it simple… When you toss a coin, what’s the probability of head or tail? 50-50. Right? But in every case, the coin will fall downwards only (unless you’re in space😁). Similarly, you’ll either win or loose. But, you’ll definitely learn either way. If nothing else, then for once in a while, you’ll learn to push your limits, which is so better than saying, “I wish I could have done that!” For once in a while, you’ll break away the fetters of your fears, and who knows you may succeed!

When you are on that road, many people around you will laugh at you, and criticize your plans. Not that they know your future. Obviously, how can they know your future, if you yourself don’t? But because, they’re afraid that you’ll win. 

On the other hand, if you don’t design your own life plan, chances are that you’ll fall into the trap of someone else’s plan… And guess what they’ve planned for you? Well, not much!

So sometimes in life, you need to make a decision. A decision that awaits a better life. Maybe you succeed… Maybe you don’t. But you’ll definitely learn.  A step forward, and all you know, the scared one who was afraid to walk, might have even begun to fly! Just remember… Anything can happen!

Anything can happen and you have nothing to lose except your fears.


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  1. ditto to all them comments-as mentioned in one of my previous blogs (think the word cryptic was in the title) a couple of years ago i took a chance on something-failed super miserably -but a least i am not sitting wondering “what would have happened” A line from a movie i like was something like-it is better to fail, than not do something-at least you can say you tried (or something)

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  2. “On the other hand, if you don’t design your own life plan, chances are that you’ll fall into the trap of someone else’s plan… And guess what they’ve planned for you? Well, not much!”
    It’s so true. We must kill it. But there is another fear which pushes us to produce more. The fear of future, which is far different from the one we tame. One is good and another can send you to the hospital. By the way, good words. Thanks.

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  3. Hello Himanshi , aapki post inspire krne wali hai ,mere vichar se focused hokar kaam krna chahiye ,failiure ke barey mai sochney se jo bhi kaam insan krta hai uski quality pr effect pdta hai . Doosri baat jo important hoti hai woh trust hota hai khud ke ooper aur agar team ke saath kaam kr rhe hai toh team members ke ooper.sbse bdi baat agar kisi kaam ko krney ki soacho toh hmesha positive rhna chahiye ye mera sochna hai😊

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  4. Very well expressed, Himanshi. The ultimate failure in life is not failure per se, but the fact of not having taken that decisive first step for the possibility of succeeding, which may actually end up in another failure. Yet the potential of success resides in perseverance.

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