Stay positive and happy ☺

Sometimes things don’t get better but we do. We fix what we can’t and accept what we can’t. Maybe some of us will never be fully okay, but atleast we’re here…

We’re still trying. That’s worth celebrating too! If you’re reading this, Congratulations! You made it to today.

P. S. This thought was not self composed but greatly cherished by me


27 thoughts on “Stay positive and happy ☺

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  1. I don’t, thankfully, have to worry about someone else being okay. Just me. As long as I’m okay, I’ve got a chance. Fear is the root of one’s “not being okay”. The trick is knowing that dishonesty is the root of fear. Many people miss that last part.

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    1. Man, you just affirmed your own philosophy!! I agree that fear in you means that you are not okay~somethings’ definitely wrong. Likewise, if you are on the right track, there’s nothing you need to be afraid of! So true n touching. Thanks for this☺

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