Umn… Let me Google it!

“Google it” should become the new watchword of the 21st century. Nowadays, if you want to know anything under the sun, you google it! If you want to know the meaning of a word, rather than opening a dictionary, you google it. Many of you would argue that the main concern is to find out the meaning, regardless of its source. But think of it, when you open up a dictionary, you will get to know about other words too. They may be some words related to the one you were looking for, or they may be the ones which you accidentally chance upon. 

No doubt, searching something on the net increases your knowledge over a particular thing. But, at the same time, it robs you of your ability to think squarely. You are actually not using your own brain. You are just googling it. (Okay, I know there are other search engines like Yahoo and Bing too). An emoticon can never replace your real emotions; it is as simple as that! No, you shouldn’t stop searching something on the net, but go for the other alternatives, whenever possible. (Looking for a word in a dictionary, can be a good example). Likewise, you could ask about something from your friend, or can have a healthy group discussion about that. This could be a great idea of sharing knowledge and thereby increasing or testing it. Unfortunately, here you are holding your phone and wondering why your friend didn’t text you, inspite of being online.

This obsession with the-tech-savvy-cool-dude tag is costing you your brain, your ability to think, your ability to converse over a topic. You’ve ceased  to notice your surroundings, the beautiful scenario because you’re too busy listening to some stupid rock song on full volume through your headphones. Look, how crippled you have become, how vulnerable, in the entanglement of your headphones! As if, that was the best way to reduce noise pollution! In short, you’ve ceased to live. You’re just existing. All this can’t be categorised into pure good or pure bad. It’s just sad ~ Man’s estrangement from a man made world! (Lines from~Father Returning Home)


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    1. Nice Blog post!

      I do tend to google a lot. I don’t like to have a question, so I usually look up and study it, but what I tend to google the most is the Wordreference network for each time I forgot a word in english (I don’t have an english to spanish dictionary). So I guess I’m kind of guilty about that.

      Hey, thanks a lot for all the likes in my Blog! I was travelling and I just came back (I have been away from too long I guess). I’m glad you liked it!

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  1. And let’s not forget the danger of Doctor Google as our own doctor calls it! Got a pain? Doctor Google has the answer…well, An answer. Suddenly I’ve gone from having a slight cramp to a life threatening mineral deficiency ๐Ÿ™‚

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  2. Googling is a high tech way of searching a thing, anything. Earlier we would look it up in books or other sources that we had access to. But to search a thing we need to know what we are searching. So for a good google search also, we need to ask appropriate question. Earlier we would look at a dictionary to find a meaning. Idea was not to look at dictionary but to find meaning of a word. We can achieve the same result faster using google. So where is the problem?

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    1. The problem is that we google everything on the cost of our imaginative skills. I don’t know if it happens with anyone else, but if I have searched a word in a dictionary, it has remained with me longer. I get to know of more related words( that you also get on search engines); also if I chance upon some other words, I try to memorize them too…
      Sir you must know what a joke the school projects have become nowadays! You get a topic, google everything and write it in your project file. Even the images are available on Google. So, what’s the point of making it? Even a 10 year old kid can do that amount of research!


  3. I agree with what you have said. People depend too much on technology but I admit, I do love listening to music alot. Although I think there is a time and place for everything. Sometimes we become brainwashed with assuming Google is always correct and has the answers for everything.

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  4. Himanshi, a beautiful article you have written and very well enumerated the evils of googling things.
    Yes you are right upto some extant about the effect it has over the persons who can’t distinguish Between the verified and unverified sources, but a learned person must know the differences between them.
    Moreover as per me looking for something is sign of inquisitive mind, the sign that you are looking for the right information, just not accepting the version placed before verbatim. Coz there are many people gullible enough to accept anything that comes on A whatsapp forward. So as per me searching for something is not bad per se.
    Though what I think googling is doing bad to us is not making us think creatively
    Wherever we should apply our brain to create something what we do is to Google for a template. We rather than learnibg, copy and paste the matter and that is what which should be avoided. Your example of dictionary was one example I do not resonate with. To be very frank I used to be quite obsessed with my dictionary
    , and when searching for any words I used to tell my partner that remind me which word I’m looking for if I am immersed in dictionary after ten mins. Still when i found Google handy to show me the app for dictionary which in turn made me life easier and Between

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    1. Yes. When you search a meaning via app or any other site, it becomes easier. True that! But the thing is that we tend to depend on Google as the only source of information. Thanks for reading and sharing your sincere comments!

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  5. Spot on. I’m a reference librarian, and I can’t tell you the number of times impatient library patrons will blurt out, “Can’t you just Google it?” when I’ve got my nose in a book that I know has the right form (or information) that they need. Yes, I can but I know this is reliable. Who knows what you’ll find online? – Marty

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  6. How right you are. There’s a lot of peripheral knowledge to be gained from reading dictionaries, encyclopaedias, maps etc. Before Google I actually remembered so much that my family would ask me – facts and figures for events in history , geography etc etc . Now they ask GOOGLE !

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