Lucknow Book Fair 2017~ A Visit.

I visited the Book Fair in my city Lucknow, held at Motion Mahal lawn for more than a we(7-16 April). I visited it on 14th of April, though I am posting about it a bit late! Apologies 😁

I went to the book fair all by myself, because my friends had other engagements that day, but you bet that I wasn’t bored even for a single minute. I’m a bookaholic (if that’s the correct word!). I can certainly live without food and water, but not novels! Okay, back there in the book fair, I explored a variety of novels, scanning one stall after the other. The theme for the fair was ‘Digital India’. So, it is but obvious that the fair covered a variety of e-books as well. There were more than one hundred stalls and the books for all age groups and geners. 

These books astonished me because they are not easily available otherwise. The stall for ancient vedic literature was the second most busy one after the novel section.

I found at least three complete stalls dedicated to great thinker Swami Vivekananda’s books. I even bought one for myself, because I love his philosophies.

These are some clicks from the novel stalls. I couldn’t click more precise photographs because I was busy deciding what to buy! I ended up buying 7 novels.☺😊

I managed clicking a photograph from the kids section, which was otherwise flooded with the kids.

Apart from books, there was kavi sammelan,  in which poets displayed their talents. Though, due to shortage of time, I couldn’t sit for long.

Overall, it was more enjoyable than going for a movie, because the books you buy at the fair, remain closer to your heart. 


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