Oh yes! I’m fat and that’s none of your business πŸ‘ŠπŸ‘Š

When I was 17 years old, my weight was a little more for my years. 67 kg! 

Why so? Because I was diagnosed with PCOS- a hormonal disease that affects women of childbearing age. The disease has many symptoms but in my case, there was weight gain and obviously irregularities in periods. Sometimes I had severe headaches and mood swings that went rampant and ignored. My doctor told me that the disease had no cure… Just can be controlled. She also told that if I lost even 5% of my weight, then my symptoms were likely to reduce. But, I tell you that PCOS is such a crazy condition! I mean your hormones go all crazy, your metabolism goes all crazy and even you mind goes super-crazy! One doesn’t know that in PCOS, whether the weight triggers the condition, or the condition triggers the weight. So you have to be bent upon reducing weight- because as I mentioned that my doctor told me that the disease had no cure; it can just be controlled. She suggested me the type of diet and that I should exercise regularly.

So, unwillingly, I went to the park to have a walk. The only category of people interested in walking were senior citizens of 60+ age or some boys warming themselves up. Some fat aunties were also there. There were some girls sitting on benches and having gala time with their friends. All of them had perfect slim figures! I never noticed my obesity and their slim-n-trim figures when I was oblivious of my disease. But today, I managed to steal a side glance at them while I was jogging. My bad luck that they caught my eye! 

Fatso”, someone shouted from behind. Every time I crossed them they would either laugh, or shout me names! This continued for several days. Before this, many of my friends and relatives too had remarked that I looked obese, but that never bothered me. But suddenly, all this “fatso” business started bothering me. Their laughs bothered me.

 One fine day, after returning home, I shared it with my mother. She hugged me tight and told me that she loved me, nomatter how fat I was. That gave me some strength. 

I searched some motivational quotes on Internet. There were many of them, but one of them literally touched me-

If people hurt you, criticise you, don’t get upset… Remember, in a game, it is the audience that makes the noise, not the player!”

 Yeah, it now became somewhat clear to me. I was different from them. I went to some other parks and surprisingly, I found none girls my age that were interested in fitness. I guess, they are interested in dieting more. I decided to not give a damn to what they called me or on their laughs. 

 One fine day, one of them tripped my leg so that I may fall down. They started laughing. All of them! I had two options- to feel miserable or to make them feel miserable. So I joined them in. I started laughing and I laughed so hard that they thought I was mad. They made a perplexed face, and I got up and completed my jogging. Eventually, they stopped doing that…

Post scriptum- This post wasn’t to gain any kind of sympathy, but to inform other girls having PCOS that do not get demotivated by what others have to say. In my case it was weight, in your case it could be acne, excessive growth of hair, etc. It is difficult to cope up with the mood swings the condition brings. Yes it completely sucks to have hormonal pills and even anti- infertility drugs whether you are a teenager or an adult. But trust me, you can nail it! Just never loose your beautiful smile.Good luck.πŸ‘β˜ΊπŸ˜Š

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  1. So nice I use to feel so miserable whenever I was laughed at or mad fun of and my confidence was at a low but I realized after being diagnosed it wasn’t my fault so I started joining in on the laughter and it shut them up

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