You are safe in my heart…

I was shattered to pieces the day you left me. The once happy chuckles of my heart were replaced with excruciating pain seething in. The pain was of such magnitude that it had successfully engulfed the whole of me. Looking at those shreds of my heart, I would crave for them to be in cohesion. Not that I didn’t try, but even after those pieces put together, there would still be cracks! Like a broken mirror…

Not that it was your mistake or mine, but that is how the things were supposed to be, I guess! In a sudden flash of time, words like forever and always had lost their essence. They became irreplaceable, irreparable voids, leaving me crestfallen…

I remember sleeping on a wet pillow at 4 a.m. Sleep too, had parted ways with me, for a while. That was when you came in. You looked gorgeous and wonderful as ever. You held my favorite smile on your face. For a while, I was compelled to forget everything and was simply forced to smile, lest my tears should bother you. Behind you was something illuminated very brightly. I found myself sitting on the same place, where you had left me. You came to sit next to me and gently wiped the tears off my cheeks. Funny part was that, even in my dreams, your touch sent tingles down my spine. But, I was constantly bewildered by the sharp flash of light, that had been once behind you. It was blinding my sight. But, you didn’t shield my sight, as you used to when we would be in sunlight. Instead, you pointed to those broken fragments… Little shreds of me, which lay beside, shattered.

I was spell bound by the picturesque sight. The pieces glistened with such resplendence, that placated the eyes… 

And yes! It was you… Absolutely you, who was reflected in them, in every single bit.

I woke up with a start to find myself in the reality I was in! The wet pillow was now dry and my head felt lighter. If my mood wasn’t cheerful enough, then not that miserable, either. For now I knew, that you would always be there inside me, imprinted on those pieces… The voids would still be there, but they would bind me to you as none of the things in the world can! 

There needn’t necessarily be two people in Love. It is a feeling felt by heart. Those feelings become a part of you, that’s why love never withers away. 

You are safe in my heart, and

My heart will go on and on…



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  1. Wet pillow turning dry.. love need not be abt 2 pepl n sevrl such sweet poetic things.. just tht fantastic..deadly sweet pain..loved thoroughly.. waiting for more awesome writeups like this.. πŸ™‚

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